Top 3 Uses of the Internet

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Due to the power of the internet, we can now reach out to those who are far away from us regarding geographical location. The Internet enables families, friends, and even business partners to contact one another regardless of location. Aside from that, it also helps us socialize through the different social media platforms it provides. Through the internet, we can make new friends, connect with the people we know, and build stronger relationships. Social networking allows us to communicate with those who aren’t near us. However, there’s a disadvantage—too much social media can lead to less socialization in real life. We might be too addicted to media that we no longer socialize with the people who are close to us.


online university laptop school

The internet also allows people to earn their diplomas and degrees online without the requirement to go to a physical place. The Internet opens the door for various universities and institutions to offer an online school for those who can’t afford to go to college because of the restraint of time or location. Furthermore, there are numerous books available on the internet right now which could help us quickly find what we need. Loads of websites also discuss relevant topics, provide discourses, and present tutorials vital for the current subjects of students. In addition, the amount of knowledge found on the internet are almost boundless and immeasurable, which means even after you finish a book, you could proceed to another without leaving your desk. Education through the internet also allows us to be independent, no longer relying on someone else to approach and teach us. Achieving almost anything in life—whether that’s cooking, learning a new exercise, or getting a degree—is now made possible because of the internet.


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Most of us also go to the internet for references or even just for a simple translation of an English sentence to a Japanese one. This is another power of the internet—it can help you find what you need to know at the moment. You no longer have to purchase a dictionary if you’re going to visit another place. You can just type in what you want to say to a foreigner, and you can even say it with the right pronunciation! If you’re a woodworker, you could just search for the jigsaw that could best fit your budget and needs, and voila! You’ll come across the sentence, “the best jigsaws in 2017 are found here” in no time.

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Indeed, the internet has modified the way we could view the world and knowledge itself. I have a warning, though: Because of the available massive knowledge on the internet, it’s best to guide your kids while using the internet so they don’t watch things they shouldn’t watch, do things they mustn’t do, and say things they shouldn’t say.

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