Things to Do Instead of Checking Your Social Media Accounts


Browsing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts can be bewitching. Scrolling up and down, watching videos, reacting to pictures—all these could make it seem like time isn’t running at all. Most of the time, you get so distracted with what they offer that you forget you have lots of things to do!

Why don’t you put your gadget down, take a breath, and try these activities for a change?


Guess what? Cleaning is far better than browsing your accounts. It’s healthier for you to live in a clean environment and a room with no clutter can also improve your mental health. Grab your cleaning materials and start cleaning your room that resembles a cave, your house that looks like it’s haunted, or your car that’s been filled with dust and all sorts of dirt. Aside from improving your surroundings, you’re also exercising! It’s hitting two birds with one stone!


Cooking Food Meal Chef Cook Cooking Pan

Try new recipes, dude! Get out of your house, go shopping, check out old family recipes you’ve never tried cooking and start experimenting. Who knows, you might be the excellent chef you’ve been looking for!



Get your lazy ass up and start working out! Sitting and lying down while checking your accounts isn’t healthy for your body. Go to the gym or jog outside instead! Then, afterward, you might want to try post-workout juice recipes that can help you regain your energy fast. Grab your juicer here



Get those hands dirty with paint! If cleaning, cooking, and exercising sounds a bit boring, then painting with your favorite colors might do the trick. You can paint a wall in your room, change the color of your ceiling, or paint on canvas. Paint with whatever you have and be resourceful! Painting is an ideal way to relieve yourself of stress too. Besides, when you paint, you’re giving yourself a chance to be creative, not passive like when you’re browsing your social media accounts.


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