The Wonders Of Mobile Dimension Saws


If you think saws are just limited to chainsaws, band saws, table saws, miter saws, or even those found, think again. Just like other highly advanced mechanisms today, saws now have a portable version: mobile dimension saws.

Not familiar with it?

Let’s take a closer look:

Mobile dimension saws are primarily used to process harvested trees (now logs) into timber. In order to do this, the saw goes through the log instead of the log going through the saw. The log also doesn’t need to be moved to be fully cut. It can, however, be moved to be cut in different sizes or shapes that can’t be done with ordinary saw mechanisms.

The mobile dimension saw is best used for making large wood products such as tabletops, fireplace mantels, diving boards, and grain cuts. As for its structure, it is made up of three circular saw blades, one vertical and two horizontal. These saw blades move through the log simultaneously – lengthwise, width-wise, and depth-wise. The saw blades also enable logs of different sizes to be fully cut with few edges and slabs.

But since it is only meant to go through a log once, accuracy is ensured. From the moment it is cut for the first time right up until the final stages of being cut as a log, it will be precisely cut and powered back to the machine operators for easy handling.

“The World Standard In Portable Sawmills, Since 1962”

MobileMfg., Co. is best known for their mobile dimension saws, dubbed as “the world standard in portable sawmills, since 1962.” And indeed, it is a world-class machine.

It is described to be (1) “so portable,” enabling it to be used anywhere; (2) “so capable,” enabling it to saw both hardwood and softwood logs of up to 60 feet or 18.3 meters in length; (3) “so unique,” enabling one to fully operate it alone; (4) “so accurate,” enabling one to build it without planning the timber; and (5) “so economical,” enabling it to be used with less than half of a standard sawmill’s energy consumption.

This mobile dimension saw is also described to prove its reliability and versatility time and again, now available in every state in the United States and in more than 60 countries all over the world. Be it a house, a fence, a table, or any other big wood projects, a mobile dimension saw like what MobileMfg., Co. offers will help you achieve your desired results and more.

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