8 of the World’s Best Cities for Fast Internet Connection

Expensive, slow, and unreliable are just some of the common woes some people have about the internet in their countries. But there are cities that boast of the fastest internet speeds in the world that many foreigners can only wish they can also enjoy back at home.

Seoul, South Korea
Highlights: One of the world’s consistent leaders in internet connectivity and speed, technologically-advanced city, mobile-user friendly, free and fast public Wi-Fi, fast download and upload speeds of roughly over 1.51 Gbps, affordable internet cost per month

Tokyo, Japan
Highlights: Internet connection is fairly affordable and fast, download and upload speeds that exceeds 1 Gbps, internet options that include fiber optic which is touted to be the fastest fixed line internet

Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong
Highlights: Fast average speed of internet connection even during peak times, comes at a higher cost compared with other Asian cities like Seoul and Tokyo

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Highlights: One of the US cities that have the fastest internet connections, internet speeds of over 1 Gbps, infrastructure for community-wide fiber-optic network

Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Kansas City
Highlights: Boasts of one of the best internet services in the world, Google Fiber provides internet connection speed of up to 1 Gbps, internet costs $70 per month

Riga, Latvia
Highlights: In a country that has over 74% internet users as of 2012, Riga is a city that offers cheap but fast internet connection

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Highlights: Top of the line digital infrastructure, ranked by Akamai as one of the countries with fastest internet speeds in the world, home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) – the world’s largest data transport hub

New York City, New York, USA
New York City
Highlights: One of the most connected cities in the US with broadband coverage of about 98%,
internet speeds of 25 Mbps or faster, government investment on digital infrastructure and services

What’s Cool About Today’s Mobile Devices

mobile device

Let’s face it.

Some of us can’t live without a mobile device. Aside from it being the primary means of connecting with our loved ones, a mobile device is also used to make other aspects of our lives easier such as when it comes to work, as we use mobile applications to do our reports conveniently via Excel, a spreadsheet program; or when it comes to school, as we use mobile applications to make our projects easily via Curiosity, an information program.

Even more so, what’s cool about today’s mobile devices is the fact that:

It allows us to play games for free.

Believe it or not, most, if not all, games on the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices are free. And believe it or not, most, if not all games on the Apple Store for iOS mobile devices are free. To put it simply, it allows us to play games without the need to spend more money than usual for a single game to be fully played just like when you play games on video game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox 360. And to put it simply, it allows us to play games without the need to spend more time than usual for a single game to be finished just like when you play games on personal computer consoles such as Defense of the Ancients or League of Legends.

And yes – you can play these free-to-play games anytime you want, anywhere you want without having to start on a game all over again and without having to push others to play with you again.

In other news, have you checked out this new COC update yet?

BONUS: It allows us to watch shows more conveniently.

Or more specifically, Netflix and chill. Kidding aside, though. Gone are those days where we only get to watch what we want to watch when we subscribe monthly to a cable service. Gone are those days where we only get to watch what we want to watch when we stay at home with our family. Gone are those days where we only get to watch what we want to watch when we have to wait for months beforehand. And oh, let’s not forget…there are also iFlix and The CW App, where you can binge-watch on Season 1 of Riverdale before its second season begins this October.

How about you?

What do you think is cool about today’s mobile devices? Share your thoughts with us below!

Prison Architect

Top 5 Mobile Games of 2017

Like the leading bread machines by bread machine world, these games are the best among the rest. Hurry and download them now!


This mobile game is one great entertainer. In this game, you can be the boss by being the landlord who manages apartments in a totalitarian state. What’s interesting is that your job is like a spy agent—you’re keeping an eye on your tenants for the government. Your decision-making skills will be tested here, and every step is more thrilling than the last. It costs $4.99 and is available for both iOS and android.

Framed 2

Framed 2
Source: cnet.com

Framed 2 is an improvement of yet another impressively designed game called Framed. Available on iOS platforms, Framed 2 is a game that will test your problem-solving skills. You have to control your secret agent and help him avoid trouble. Paying $4.99 for this game is totally worth it.

Monument Valley 2

Available on iOS, this is the continuation of Monument Valley with fresh characters, new puzzles to solve, and a lot more. If you want to enter an enchanting world, you better purchase this game (costs $4.99 by the way) and let yourself be entertained by the magical experience it offers. The feel and the story might be different than the first, but it’s still one of the best games out there.


Love physics? You’ll love this game too! Priced at $1.99, Zip-Zap is a minimalistic game full of fun levels. In this game, you have to control objects so they can stay on the screen. The objects vary, which makes the game more engaging. This game is going to test your puzzle-solving skills to keep the objects balanced on the screen. It is available on Android and iOS.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect

This will test your skills on how to build a prison with the best security. You’ll love the details on this game and how it allows you to be the boss that manages and oversees everything. It’s similar to town-building games, but it’ll just be a prison—no town. What’s great about this is its free and available on both iOS and Android platforms.


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The Mental Effects of Social Media

According to most health experts, sitting is the new smoking. The habit of endlessly scrolling through your social media account is one of the worst habits you can ever have. But why is that so? Well, because…

It can make you an addict

Some evidence shows that social media addiction exists. Its constant use might even make people abandon their personal life. Tiny yet measurable physiological effects can also be experienced by those who stop using social media. Most people will feel anxious and uneasy when they don’t browse their social media accounts because they’ve become over-dependent on them. Besides, if you become an addict, you’ll have fewer interactions with people around you because you’re too busy posting your “at-the-moment” status.

Ladies using phones

It can make you feel sadder

As per a study conducted a few years back, the more people use Facebook in a day, the less happy they become about every moment and the less satisfied they are with their life.

It can make you insecure

Sad pictureIndividuals who have social media accounts tend to compare themselves with others, especially when a particular “friend” post about their recent success or failure. When individuals start becoming addicted to social media, they will see more and more people fail and achieve, resulting in either a bigger ego or depression.

It can hypnotize you into thinking it will help

Those who can’t live a day without checking their accounts regularly believe the activity completes their day. The truth is just like the quality weed you’ve grown at your home using products from led grow lights, abusing it has side effects. If you abuse the usage of social media to connect with people just as you abuse marijuana, you won’t feel better—you’ll feel worse than before. What you should do, then, is limit its use and don’t become an addict.

It can make you dishonest about yourself

Studies have shown that social media allows people to create their cyberself, the identity they have apart from their actual self. Here, they can pretend to be someone they’re not or own some things they don’t have and deceive not only the people who follow them but also themselves. In fact, creating an entirely different cyberself from who you truly are will make you feel less satisfied with your real self, which isn’t helpful for your mental health. Doing so will make you feel more obliged to please people with the character or the part of you that you’ve presented, preventing you from being true to yourself.

Social media logos

Choosing The Right Mobile Device For Your Needs

mobile device

Let’s face it.

Technology has already dominated our world. Be it at school or at work, we all use technology to make every one of our tasks sailing well. Technology has also already dominated our lives. From the moment we wake up to start the day to the moment we go to sleep to end the day, we all use technology to make everything in between sailing well.

That’s why, choosing the right mobile device for your needs is as important as connecting with your family in ways no one could possibly imagine for someone who’s more immersed into work above everything else.

Here are some tips for you:

Choose one that is user-friendly.

A mobile device should be easy for you to use and convenient for you to navigate, no matter how you’ll use it – no matter who you’re using it for and no matter what you’re using it for. It should also be user-friendly enough to keep you updated on the latest trends happening within the technology industry and other major industries without having to compromise your own needs.

Choose one that is robust enough.

A mobile device doesn’t have to be all that sturdy. However, it should be robust enough to last a few years in top condition. This way, you won’t need to get a new one every year just to keep up with the trend. You won’t even need to worry about having other devices interact with it and having those devices affect its performance (e.g. when you’re using a mobile device with other portable devices like a metal barcode printer).

Choosing the right mobile device for your needs doesn’t have to be complicated.

All you need are the basics mentioned above and voila – you’ll get to choose the best mobile device not just for your needs, but also for your preferences.

Top Reasons to Go on Social Media Detox


Social media eat up an increasing amount of people’s time. Billions of people are actively engaged in some of the most popular social networking sites. Many even have multiple accounts across different platforms. While building online connections and networks have its advantages, uncontrolled use of social media has its share of downsides.

Lack of privacy. Privacy is tenuous at best on the digital world. Digital footprint is often hard to erase. While tweaking privacy settings allow users to keep sensitive information hidden, there are still ways to find the information for those who know how to do it. It is also easy for others on your online network to get screen captures or photos of what you post online and share it to others. Safety and privacy issues are among the good reasons to pay more attention to what you share on social media.

Constant noise. The endless online chatter can distract you from the important things. You are essentially adding more noise to your life with the huge amount of information and communication you are bombarded with every single day. Unless you need that amount of noise in your work, learning how to manage your digital life can do wonders to your concentration and focus.

Limits face-to-face interaction. One of the reasons why some people want to beat social media addiction is that it limits personal and more meaningful interactions. Some communicate more online instead of meeting up to reconnect. Social media sites are great with keeping in touch with people who live across continents. But it is often used as substitute for personal meetings even with people who live near you. You could be missing out on the value of connecting with others at a more personal level.

Lack of physical activity. Another valid reason to be wary of social media addiction is how it could potentially promote more sedentary behaviors. Spending too much time online consumes time that may otherwise be used for exercise or other forms of physical activities.

Takes time away from more important things. Getting caught up in social media can steal precious time away from what matters to you most. It means giving up time you could otherwise devote pursuing what you love or doing the things that will help you realize your dreams.

May influence self-perception and self-esteem. A study conducted on active social media users suggests that social networking have a negative impact to the test subjects’ lives. One of the reasons identified is the negative effect on the participants’ self-esteem as they compare themselves to online friends.